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Peri Zarrella,  MA

Intuitive Counselor

Intuitive Therapy is for anyone seeking guidance or support in their life. As an Intuitive counselor, Peri uses a blend of clinical modalities through the lens of a mindful and spiritual perspective, based on energy. Through Intuitive Therapy, Peri works with clients to develop personal tools for growth and transformation from a place of authenticity, compassion, and connection. 


Peri Zarrella offers Intuitive Counseling sessions which differ from traditional counseling in a number of ways. Through reading an individual's energy, she is able to pinpoint areas of inner conflict and/or underlying patterns that may be keeping them feeling stuck. In sharing her insights, she works together with clients to uncover the root of the issues and challenges they are experiencing. Peri integrates clinical training and intuitive insight to help clients process and release their underlying blocks to build new pathways filled with potential and possibility. Peri is passionate about helping clients connect to their purpose, and feel a sense of understanding and trust from within as well as a sense of being universally supported. 


Before starting her Intuitive Counseling practice, Peri held the position of Managing Director of the Columbia University Clinical Psychology Masters Degree Program, Spirituality Mind Body Institute. Concurrently, she acted as a Lead Facilitator for the Hearing Voices Network in New York City. Peri has also worked as a PACT Team Member for Prakash and Ellenhorn, working with individuals with psychiatric issues towards the goal of psychosocial rehabilitation. 


Peri holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology and Education from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute and a Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University.

Sometimes our brilliance holds our challenge.
- Peri Zarrella

One hour Session:


Sessions are available via skype/zoom/phone or in-person depending on location. In advance of the session, you are welcome to send 3-5 questions or intentions and a recent photo with eyes visible, so that Peri can begin bringing her awareness to your experience by using her intuitive abilities prior to the session. 


Intuitive Therapy addresses a wide array of concerns, including:

Anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, vulnerability, phobias or fears, relationship issues, grief and loss, dissatisfaction with work, family, or personal relationships, attachment, perfectionism, body image, spirituality, life transitions, parenting support, adolescent issues, family and relationship issues, trust, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-care.

Individuals, Relationships, Adolescents & Families

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